Professional Development Courses

Professional development (GRAD) courses are open to all graduate students. GRAD courses are Pass/Fail and do not fulfill degree requirements or count as earned hours.

Post-doctoral fellows are welcome to audit these courses with instructor permission.

How to Register

Register for these courses as you would for any other graduate course through ConnectCarolina.

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For information about course registration, please see Office of the University Registrar.

Course offerings

We regularly offer the following professional development courses. Check ConnectCarolina to confirm current course offerings.

GRAD 704 – Effective Presentation Skills

Success in any career requires refined oral communication skills. In GRAD 704, you will learn how to create dynamic presentations.

Topics include:

  • analyzing the audience
  • developing an effective message
  • creating useful visuals
  • polishing delivery techniques
  • managing anxiety
  • handling the question-and-answer session

1 credit. Pass/Fail. Does not count toward degree requirements or earned hours.

Download the course overview (PDF).

GRAD 721 – Research Ethics

This is a one-credit course.  It meets two hours each week for seven weeks.  The course has two aims.  First, students are introduced to concepts, rule, and issues that are central to research ethics.  Second, we aim through readings and discussion to develop skills in critical thinking and ethical analysis.

Class preparation:  Students are expected to spend approximately one hour each week preparing for the seminar.  All the readings are online, and students post comments on the reading.  No other exams or written work is required.  Class participation:  Students are expected to attend each meeting and to participate in discussions of all the topics.

1 credit. Pass/Fail. Does not count toward degree requirements or earned hours.

Course Description for GRAD 721 (PDF).

GRAD 810 and 811 – Communicating in the American Classroom for ITAs

GRAD 810 and 811 are part of the Preparing International Teaching Assistants Program.

This program is designed to enhance the communication skills of international teaching assistants (ITAs) in the classroom. . The goals of the courses are:

(1) to practice American English pronunciation and grammar

(2) to build cross-cultural communication skills

(3) to learn and implement teaching skills used in the American classroom.

Each course is 2 credits. Pass/Fail. Does not count toward degree requirements or earned hours.

Download the course overviews: