Communication-Mid Stage
• Develop presentation skills for discipline and non-discipline specific audiences
• Write for both technical and non-technical audiences
• Communicate with mentors effectively
• Present research at national conferences
• Publish research/scholarship
Academic Development-Mid Stage
• Develop collaborative relationships to support research projects
• Attend teaching workshops
• Assess and modify research plans
• Develop a teaching portfolio
• Serve as manuscript reviewer for journals in your field
• Mentor undergraduates
Leadership & Professionalism-Mid Stage
• Take on leadership positions
• Contribute to team-based projects
• Troubleshoot issues and propose creative solutions
• Manage project budget and personnel
• Provide feedback to peers on presentations, manuscripts, & grants
Career Development-Mid Stage
• Identify external opportunities, internships, work experiences aligned with career goals
• Document research and teaching accomplishments (IDP)
• Modify career goals if needed
• Document research and teaching accomplishments on CV


Communication-Mid Stage
GRAD 704: Effective Presentation Skills
Individual Development Plan
• Social Media & Branding
• Communicating Your Science
Academic Development-Mid Stage
• Teaching workshops
• Becoming an Effective Mentor
Leadership & Professionalism-Mid Stage
Individual Development Plan
• Etiquette Luncheon
• Time & Stress Management
Career Development-Mid Stage
• Career Symposium
Individual Development Plan
• Networking for Graduate Students
• Career Panels/Networking Nights
• Branding Yourself: Using Social Media

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